Montage Exercise

In class, you will be given a set of images from which to make a montage.

If you have missed the class where they were given out, either get the images from another student or e-mail me to make arrangements to get them.

Use at least three of the images. Use LAYER MASKS to hide portions of the images. DO NOT ERASE ANY PIXELS ON ANY OF THE IMAGES.

  1. Pick one of the images as your background. Make sure if you crop it that it is at least 5″x7″ @ 300 ppi.
  2. Open another file and move the image onto the background file and mask out the pixels you don’t want to use.
    • Copy and paste a part of the image or drag the whole layer onto your other file.
    • You can crop and resize the image you are moving before you move it if that makes working with it easier.
    • If you do this, either do not save the file you are moving before closing it or save it with another name so you can reuse it if necessary.
  3. Experiment a bit. Try using partially transparent masks and hard or soft brushes for the edges of your mask. Try painting onto your image.
  4. Hand in you composited file by the end of class. You may work on it to further improve it by the next class, and your grade will be based on the one you hand in.

The most important part of your grade on this project is your correct use of masking.