Your Portfolio

No matter what you are going next with your artwork, applying to another college or art school, applying for a job, submitting work to a publication, making a blog, keeping a diary….

You should keep a digital record of your work and back it up. Store your files somewhere safe: keep them with you on a hard drive, upload them to “the cloud” or use whatever technology comes next, but SAVE your images.

This goes for “analog” art, too. Scan or take digital photos of your drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations. Don’t be caught without images of them if they are lost, damaged, sold (hooray!).

If you apply for transfer to most college Art programs or art schools, you will be asked to upload images to the schools admission system website. Your work will be reviewed digitally. You can take a physical portfolio to an interview, but most admission committees will only be looking at your digital files.

You will probably be required to pay a fee to apply this way. This is a break. Until recently, you had to take slides (expensive) and duplicated them (expensive) for each school you applied to. I know… this sounds like Old People Talk, but this service costs the schools money, too.

WARNING: ┬áIf you store your images on flickr or related sites, you can only upload jpegs. This will store your final image, but it won’t keep your native files (vector art, Photoshop with layers, etc.) that you may want to edit later on.