Your Professor


I am a member of the full-time Art faculty at Rockland Community College. I majored in Painting at Scripps College and learned to be a graphic designer on-the-job while working on my MFA in Painting and Sculpture at Claremont University Center. By the time I finished graduate school, I was more interested in a career in Graphic Design.

When I started working, there were no personal computers. In fact, even typesetting was not computerized. So much has changed, and so much will continue to change in the life time of my students!

You can see some of my design work at


  • I have two Bichons Frisées, Theo and Lily
  • My husband, Daniel Kazimierski, is a photographer and teacher. His specialties are pinhole photography and 19th-century printing processes.
  • I spend most summers in a small town in Nova Scotia in a house without internet access (e-mail at the post office).
  • I have designed over 200 CD packages and box sets as well as having done illustrations for many of them.
  •  I eat more chocolate than I should.
  • Now I am happily returning to making “analog” art. You know, messy stuff that doesn’t require electricity beyond lights and a pencil sharpener.