COMPLETION NOTE: Turn in the 3 sizes and at least the larger one in grayscale. Adjust the grayscale monogram to work in that color mode.

DESIGN ADVICE: Start out in black and white. Do not get distracted by color and effects until your basic plan works.

Design a monogram for yourself using Adobe Illustrator.

  • It must work in a square format.
  • It must work at a larger size
  • It must work at the size of an iPhone icon
  • It must work in color and in black and white

Step-by-step instructions will be given out in the first class. They are also posted here.


If you are subscribing to, you should watch the ones that related to things you didn’t understand in class or that are of interest. You do not need to use Pathfinder for this assignment, but you may want to.


Chapter 9: Using Type in Illustrator

  • Basic text editing
  • Converting text into paths

Chapter 3 Selecting and Transforming Objects

  • Using the direct selection and group selection tools
  • Grouping objects
  • Using isolation mode
  • Resizing your artwork
  • Rotating objects
  • Distorting objects
  • Reflecting and skewing objects
  • Aligning and distributing objects

Chapter 5: Working with Fills and Strokes

  • Understanding fills and strokes
  • Working with fills
  • Working with strokes

Chapter 6: Working with Paths

  • Understanding paths
  • Understanding anchor points
  • Open and closed paths

Chapter 11: Working with Layers

  • Exploring the Layers panel
  • Creating and editing layers


Chapter 17: Pathfinder Operations

  • Combining simple shapes to make complex shapes
  • Understanding all ten Pathfinder options


Samples of other students’ icons can be found here.

What you are creating is a sort of logo or trademark for yourself. As you design it, try to be more aware of logos around you.

Have a look at  the blog logo design love to see how people think about good, bad and funny logos/trademarks and the like. The man behind the blog and the book of the same name is David Airey. You can make a living doing this kind of thing. Check out his business site.