This assignment will take you through many steps in working with combined photos, both in terms of your idea and its visual realization.

50 Really Interesting Photoshop Images

Photography and Photoshop: Is It Real? An interesting article by David Pogue


The first part of this assignment is an exercise working with images that are given to you.

The scond part is developing your own file around your own ideas. We will add the step of doing a very simple animation using your images.


  • Resolution of 300 ppi
  • Minimum size of 6×7 (landscape or portrait)
  • USE LAYER MASKS!!! Information on masks.


You will turn in three files. Be sure to used Save As as you finish each one so you don’t write over your work.

  1. The montage exercise.
  2. The montage using an original background and 3 or more added images.
  3. Your image flattened, turned to grayscale with added tinting (and other effects as you wish).

Be sure to use layer masks on both the images and, where it works, on the adjustment layers. Your proper use of layer masks is important to the technical aspects of your grade.

More documentation on masking can be found here.

Samples of montage solutions can be found here.

Have fun!

Some artists who work with combined/manipulated images. Not all images were made digitally!

Jerry Ulesman Note: Mr. Ulesman does all of his work in the darkroom, not with Photoshop.

Maggie Taylor Wife of Jerry Ulesman. If you have full subscription to, you can watch the video about their work.

Bagrad Badalian

David Hill

Oliver Wasow