Concept Maps

Make a map in Illustrator based on an idea or a place or just on an idea. No islands permitted.

Use layers. Name your layers.

Use type on a path. If you have not done the in-class exercise to learn this technique, here are the notes.

Use symbols and patterns where you can.


From the Essentials video

Chapter 9: Using Type in Illustrator

  • Creating point and area text
  • Creating text on a path
    • Not mentioned: To change attributes of the font, select the object with the black arrow
    • To add color or effects to the path, select the path with the white arrow.

Chapter 13: Creating and Using Symbols

From the Intermediate video

Chapter 13: The Rich World of Strokes

  • Introducing the Strokes panel
  • Dashes and arrowheads

Chapter 15: Seamlessly Repeating Patterns

Review any videos on layers or tools that you see you need.

For samples of maps made for this assignment, click here.

Have a look at A Typographical Map of Rome (enlarge the thumbnail by clicking on it)

Send me links to any examples you find online!