When you start making a self-portrait, interesting things happen. Just in picking the photograph you’re starting to create your legend. Add in your choice of colors, of background, style of objects (soft, hard, busy, minimal), and you are revealing yourself in ways you might not expect.

You can work from a digital photo. Consider posing for your picture: ask a friend to grab an image of what you want to be. Or bring in a print to be scanned into a digital file.

When you open your picture in Illustrator, embed the photo file so it will always travel with your work.

Work in many layers so you can turn them on and off to see what is going on below them.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Acquaint yourself with at least these four (of many) ways to alter shapes you have made:

  1. The Blob Brush and Eraser
  2. Moving Points with the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow)
  3. Live Paint notes • Live Paint video
  4. Pathfinder (which you have already used)