Exercise: Make A Brush

Complete in class. If you miss class, you still must do this exercise.

Open a new document.

Add a layer above the background layer.

Use black (and/or grays) to make a shape or image that will become your brush.

Make it a brush by selecting Define Brush Preset from the Edit menu.

Paint with it.

Use the Brush Preset Panel to mess with it.

Show some variations.

Hide that layer.

On a new layer or the background layer, make a “painting” using your brush, using colors.

Save as Name.Brush.psd and hand in your file.


There are lots of sites where you can find and download Photoshop brushes. Explore! Remember, when you add them to one computer, they will not appear on another so keep a backup copy of ones you like on your portable media.

To install, dowload the file, and follow this route Applications>Photoshop CS5>Presets>Brushes… and drop it in the Brushes folder. (If it doesn’t show up, you may have to quit Photoshop and restart it. Be sure to save your work first!)

Here’s a cool set of Bicycle brushes.

So you see you can make a brush from a (black and white) photographic image, too.