Grading Rubric

You were given a grading rubric along with the syllabus. It is also available at this link in case you have lost your original copy: RUBRIC

Be honest with yourself  about the amount of effort you have put into each assignment. You should be spending at least 1-2 hours a week outside of class on your assignments.

Note to yourself if points are being taken off your final grade for late work, absences or repeatedly coming in late or leaving early.

The rubric has only minimal notes on the technical aspects of each assignment; the rest you will understand from class. Your grade is also based, of course, on the level of creative problem-solving and visual development that goes beyond technique. This is a college-level art class.

If you have worked hard, you will have improved your artistic content through thought, revisions, talking about your work with other students, and participating in class critiques. I am always available to talk with you individually about any aspect of your work.

Follow instructions, have fun, work hard, and you will do well.